Visitor Visa


Visitor for Business

The B-1 classification is appropriate for those seeking entry to the United States to engage in temporary, business-related activities. Permissible business activities include conventions, conferences, consultations, and other legitimate commercial and professional activities. This category does not allow individuals to engage in local employment for hire within the United States.

Typical acceptable activities in the B-1 category include: Negotiating contracts, meeting with business associates, participating in scientific, educational, professional, or business conferences or conventions and litigating.

Visitor for Pleasure

The B-2 classification is appropriate for those planning to visit the United States for pleasure. The intent at the time of the visa application and admission must be to engage in a purely temporary visit, followed by departure from the U.S.

The B-2 category is appropriate for tourism, social visits, certain medical treatments, and participation in amateur sports, music and related events. This category is also used for domestic partners not in a marital relationship, to accompany their qualifying partners. B-2 visitors generally are admitted to the United States for an initial admission period of six months. However, port of entry officers can further limit the admission period based on the purpose of the visit, one’s U.S. travel history and other considerations. In some situations, it is possible to obtain extensions of B-2 stay beyond the initial admission period. However, it is necessary to establish the need to extend the visit in a manner consistent with the B-2 requirements.

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