Covid-19 Response


We are taking precautionary measures and implementing procedures to ensure the health and safety of our staff, clients, and individuals with whom we conduct business. Rest assured that we are taking all available steps to remain accessible to our clients and to members of the community at large, as we continue to act in accordance with their best interests during this difficult time. 

Covid-19 has sped up our digital transformation and the use of appropriate technologies has reduced our cost over the past year due to a reduction of our physical footprint. This allowed to pass the cost savings through to our customers and at the same time also enabled us to serve our clients more effectively than ever before. This transformation serves our long-term strategic goal to be as accessible to our clients as possible. 

Please see below for answers to some commonly asked questions regarding our services during this time, and feel free to reach out and schedule a call using this link.

1. Q. Are you Providing Legal Services During Normal Business Hours?

Yes! We are available remotely for normal business operations between the hours of 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM PST.  Our physical office is currently closed to the public, but we are working remotely and practicing physical distancing.

While we would like to help everyone, our legal services are limited to our practice areas. As a reminder, we provide legal services relating to immigration and limited areas of family law.

2. Q. Are You Accepting new Clients?

It depends on what our current caseload is when you contact us. If you want to be considered a new client, the best way to submit your case for review is by scheduling a call using this link.

3. When and how can I Contact you? This Website, Phone, and E-mail.The fastest and most efficient way to contact us regarding your potential case is to schedule a call using this link. Please note that we do not accept walk-ins and are currently not accepting in-person appointments at our offices. You can also e-mail us at 

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